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A 3 step framework to create a powerful brand statement that reels in perfect-fit clients and positions you as the ONLY option

This template will show you how to...

Get the attention of customers in a world where people are switching off and opting out.

Captivate audiences with a fresh message that interrupts the ordinary and elicits an emotional connection!


Attract customers hungry to learn from you, engage with your brand and buy your products and services.

Nikki on chair

Hi there! I'm brand builder and digital marketer Nikki Clark.

I’ve spent the last 17 years figuring out why some businesses make it and why most get lost in the noise. 

I’ll help you craft a unique message that creates a quick emotional bond with potential customers.

This creates raving fans and customers for life.

It's not about adopting the latest fads for overnight success or spending ALL your time and money on marketing.

It's about applying some simple but proven principles that will give your business a foundation for unshakeable and lasting success.

As for me? My love affair with marketing started in 1991.

I’ve worked with leading brands such as Nike, IBM, Billabong, Sony and Levi. And for the last 6 years I’ve taken my big brand strategic know-how and translated it into simple marketing for entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you.